Copy of Garmin Aeras 660

Copy of Garmin Aeras 660

The all-new aera 660 is the ultimate all-in-one aviation device - like a glass cockpit in the palm of your hand. It combines complete navigation features, digital charts, hazard alerts and optional in-flight weather with a beautiful 5” touchscreen.

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Garmin Aeras 660

With GPS Navigation, COMM and Nav capabilities all built into the brand new Garmin GTN 650 from Gulf Coast Avionics, pilots are finding the GTN 650 can't be beat for value, features, and quality. The GTN 650 is a compact 2.64 inch tall package. The new touchscreen of the GTN 650 offers many multi-purpose functions and features such as high-res landscape mapping, graphical flight planning, satellite weather, targeted traffic display, plus much more. Aircraft pilots are embracing the new touchscreen and navigation found only on the Garmin GTN 650 from Gulf Coast Avionics.


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