ADS-B Rebate Reservations Gone

ADS-B Rebate Reservations Gone


If you missed out on the FAA’s initial 20,000 rebates; don’t fret. There’s still a chance you might get your $500 if you’re willing to creep the FAA’s website. That’s because every Wednesday at 1 pm ET they’re posting a list of any newly expired rebates that are now back on the market. These additional rebates are in short supply and we expect they will go quickly each week.

What’s Eligible for the Rebate:

  • Eligible aircraft:S.-registered, fixed-wing, single-engine piston aircraft first registered before January 1, 2016. Rebate is also limited to new ADS-B installations completed after October 12, 2018.
  • Eligible equipment: ADS-B Out avionics that have received an ADS-B Technical Standard Order authorization and meet ADS-B Out rule requirements (software upgrades of existing equipment are not eligible). Rebates are not available for aircraft already equipped or for which the FAA has paid or committed to upgrade.

Note: Rebate reservations can only be made within 90 days of installation. Within 60 days of installation, aircraft must be flown in "rule airspace" as defined in 14 CFR 91.225 for a minimum of 30 minutes with at least 10 aggregate minutes of maneuvering (AC 20-165B contains flight maneuver recommendations).

Although we can’t make any promises, you’ll get one of the precious few rebates to come back on the market, it never hurts to check. After all, it always feels good to get money from the government.