Autopilot Testing

Autopilot Testing

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Your autopilot can be one of your best friends on long flights, giving you the opportunity to shift your attention to other matters like monitoring your trajectory, incoming weather challenges or other aircraft systems. So, while you’re busy focusing on those details or just enjoying the view, you need to have confidence that your autopilot is working precisely as it should. That’s where we can help. Our expertly trained technicians provide year-round autopilot testing to insure your aircraft is ready to go for your next trip.

The finest autopilot testing starts with the very best technicians. Our expert staff each have an average of 25+ years in the avionics business. Leading Edge Avionics has been committed to providing superior customer service for more than 40 years, just ask our customers. Quite frankly, you won’t find another team that’s more dedicated, experienced and qualified to diagnose, test and fix your autopilot than our staff at Leading Edge Avionics.

Our team of technicians will analyze your Autopilot and run it through a variety of diagnostics to pinpoint specific issues and ensure the utmost in precision, performance and ultimately, safety for you and your passengers. Like all our offerings and services, autopilot testing is a task we take very seriously. Our reputation depends on it, and so does your safety. Next time you’re experiencing issues with your AutoPilot, don’t trust your safety and the safety of those you love to just anyone. Put your trust in our expert team of technicians at Leading Edge Avionics.

When an autoflight or autopilot system is working correctly, it is constantly sending signals to the flight control system. As the pilot, you can instruct the autopilot on what type of mode you want, like a heading hold mode or an altitude hold mode. Or if you want to hold a specific altitude, you have the option of designating that as well.

With today’s technology, autopilot systems have become more sophisticated and can maintain a navigational course. Just like the GPS you use in your car, a pilot could program a GPS to maintain a specific course and the autopilot system can take the designated turns to get from point A to point B. Given the complexities of this continually-evolving technology, it is important to fly with confidence knowing that everything is operating as it should be. To find out more about our autopilot testing or to get a free estimate, just give us a call.


"Fantastic work. These are great people. They are first class and I wouldn't take my plane anyplace else. Thank You guys for a job that looks much better than I could have ever imagined. Well worth every single penny! I highly encourage anyone to use these people over all of the competition, which in my opinion, there is no competition or comparison."

Tom Logan
Aircraft Owner/Pilot