Portables & Headsets

Portables & Headsets

Whatever your tastes or preferences, Leading Edge Avionics has a wide array of portables and headsets that can help take your flying experience to the next level. The latest headsets offer innovative technology that delivers powerful noise reduction capabilities while still delivering exceptionally clear audio, a huge improvement over prior headsets. Many new devices offer additional beneficial features such as Bluetooth audio, a communications interface and customizable audio prioritization. These are just a few of the exciting new headset advancements available now for purchase at Leading Edge Avionics.

Talk on the Phone and Sound like You're in a Silent Room

For those who value comfort, there are a number of new headset options designed specifically with that need in mind. Today’s headsets offer less clamping force, which creates a more comfortable fit for the pilot. With customizable audio prioritization controls, you have the flexibility to mute audio signals when receiving a communication, or mix the two together. Built from the ground up to be easy to use, these intuitive, plug and play headsets couldn’t be any simpler to operate. Just plug it in, turn it on, and go flying.

If it’s portables you’re looking for, we offer a wide range of makes and models to choose from, including state-of-the-art selections that can aggregate a wide range of functions onto a single device. From GPS and terrain avoidance capabilities to high-resolution weather to viewing key documents, portables can easily pull up weights and balances, flight manuals, or a variety of electronically formatted materials you can download to the device.

Built with flexibility and performance in mind, today’s portables have come a long way, and are perfect for any aircraft and any need. One of the key features of many new portables is their ability to project information onto a bright, sunlight-readable touchscreen display. They also can be purchased in a wide variety of size options to suit your individual preferences. With so many options, your portable device can quickly and easily augment your existing avionics while providing increased redundancy for a safer and more confident flying experience.

Don’t just take our word for it; come see for yourself. If you’re wondering whether the latest headsets and portable solutions are a fit for you, we would be happy to walk you through any questions you may have. Our technicians and sales staff will show you the newest, innovative headset and portable options available in the market so you can decide what works best for your unique needs.


"As a customer of Leading Edge Avionics for over 25 years, I can easily speak to the quality and service that my company and myself personally, have enjoyed. One would have to go a long way to receive the same professional and useful services that they have provided over the years. They have on many occasions, pulled off some last minute miracles, in order to keep our fleet of 14 planes up and running. I would be happy to speak to any potential customers about our experiences with Leading Edge Avionics."

Gary Sequeira
Owner Orange County Flight Center