ADS-B Compliance

ADS-B Compliance

Automatic Dependent Surveillance—Broadcast. We all know it as ADS-B, and we all know we need it to continue flying on day one of 2020.

Pre-deadline ADS-B installations still available

A cornerstone of NextGen air traffic modernization, the FAA mandated that by Jan 1, 2020, all aircraft will require a Mode C transponder equipped with ADS-B. They're providing a $500 rebate to install ADS-B in selected aircraft. Leading Edge Avionics encourages pilots and owners to contact us or use the form below to schedule your installation today. Avoid the rush of aircraft needing ADS-B Out as the deadline approaches.

How ADS-B Works

ADS-B Out transmits information about altitude, airspeed and location derived through GPS from an equipped aircraft to ground stations and to other equipped aircraft in the vicinity. This transmission has much greater accuracy than conventional radar surveillance. This gives air traffic controllers the potential to reduce the required separation distance between aircraft that are ADS-B equipped. Other benefits include:

  • More aircraft can operate safely in the same airspace, so congestion is reduced.
  • With appropriate equipment, it's possible to have a live 'traffic picture' in the cockpit.
  • ADS-B technology enable more direct aircraft routing-this can generate significant time and fuel savings.
  • ADS-B enhances flight safety and collision avoidance.

ADS-B is automatic in that it requires no pilot or external input. It is dependent in that it requires data from the aircraft's navigation system. Air traffic controllers use the information to see participating aircraft in real time and with more precision, with the goal of improving traffic management.

Planning Your ADS-B Installation

ADS-B in, which is not part of the mandate and requires additional equipment, allows participating aircraft to receive traffic and weather information from ADS-B ground stations and nearby aircraft broadcasting their positions through ADS-B Out. This information can be displayed in the cockpit to improve situational awareness, thus creating a safer environment for the aircraft, pilot and passengers.

There are a lot of things to consider when planning your ADS-B installation such as your current aircraft configuration and what ADS-B benefits are most important to you. If you need advice, just give us a call and we can walk you through the various options and benefits.

The FAA has consistently reiterated that it will not delay the mandate. Call to book your appointment today or reserve your slot before time runs out.


"I love my new upgrades. The GTN-650, GTX-345 and my new 106 indicator. Most of all, the idea of now knowing my Density Altitude will be great during backcountry flying.

Maggie met me outside the hanger before I had even gotten out of the plane. Had it not been for Scott at the AOPA Fly-In at KCMA, I'd have not known about Leading Edge Avionics. He was thorough and came in right on the estimate given to me there.

Tim, my installer, was gracious enough to let me hang a bit and get some pics of the "de-install of my 'steam gauges". Lots of open holes in the panel, and now, it's beautiful. Linda and I both feel that flying will be much easier and safer with the new equipment.

I look forward to sharing the new adventures of Shirley III with you in the future.

I'd recommend Leading Edge Avionics to anyone that asks me where to go for service."

George and Linda Butts
N4876N "Shirley III"