In Flight Entertainment & Cabin Management Systems

In Flight Entertainment & Cabin Management Systems

Cabin Management Systems (CMS) create the opportunity for you to manage all your cabin’s technology in a user-friendly, intuitive way. With a simple swipe of the finger, all cabin amenities can become interactive and personalized. From lights and shades to audio/visual sources, these can all be customized to fit specific moods. And your passengers will feel at control by managing their own seat environment through seemingly limitless climate and entertainment options.

With all the different entertainment systems available, your passengers will appreciate simplicity of use through sleek, interactive touchscreens. They will be able to stream music and videos to their iPad, Android, or laptops. The ability to control Blu-ray and DVD players from the comfort of their seat adds to the great flight experience.

If you are interested in creating a theatre-like set-up for your aircraft, installing a lightweight, high-definition widescreen display complete with surround sound can transform your cabin into a high-end cinematic experience. Watch the latest blockbusters in an immersive environment that recreates the best theatre experience…all you need is the popcorn!

Don’t let the movie experience stop there. With new Virtual Reality (VR) technology, you can bring your cabin to life with life-like graphics that immerse the user in incredible worlds and games. VR is at its infancy, but incredible advances are coming over the next few years to continue to provide a true immersive experience for your passengers.

Regardless of your needs, let us help you design the right CMS and entertainment package to meet and exceed all your and your passenger’s expectations.


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