"I love my new upgrades. The GTN-650, GTX-345 and my new 106 indicator. Most of all, the idea of now knowing my Density Altitude will be great during backcountry flying.

Maggie met me outside the hanger before I had even gotten out of the plane. Had it not been for Scott at the AOPA Fly-In at KCMA, I'd have not known about Leading Edge Avionics. He was thorough and came in right on the estimate given to me there.

Tim, my installer, was gracious enough to let me hang a bit and get some pics of the "de-install of my 'steam gauges". Lots of open holes in the panel, and now, it's beautiful. Linda and I both feel that flying will be much easier and safer with the new equipment.

I look forward to sharing the new adventures of Shirley III with you in the future.

I'd recommend Leading Edge Avionics to anyone that asks me where to go for service."

George and Linda Butts
N4876N "Shirley III"

"Good avionics shops are hard to find. Excellent ones are even more rare. In my estimation, Leading Edge Avionics, based out of the John Wayne Airport in Orange County, is the best facility in Southern California. We use them for all of our avionics needs, including routine and un-routine maintenance, ADS-B solutions, equipment installations, etc. Their team of technicians is excellent, with customer service to match. I recommend them to anyone is who is need of quality avionics, no matter how small or large the scope of work."


"Leading Edge Avionics went above and beyond with their customer service and punctual delivery of my airplane. Although it was a small job, further complications arose that were dealt with in a knowledgeable and timely fashion. They informed me every step of the way and made sure I knew all of my options. Thanks for the help!"


"Fantastic work. These are great people. They are first class and I wouldn't take my plane anyplace else. Thank You guys for a job that looks much better than I could have ever imagined. Well worth every single penny! I highly encourage anyone to use these people over all of the competition, which in my opinion, there is no competition or comparison."

Tom Logan
Aircraft Owner/Pilot

"As a resident pilot here at SNA since 1976, I have known the owners of Leading Edge Avionics for roughly 30 years, and have owned an airplane based here since 1985.

Through the years, Leading Edge Avionics has handled all of my avionics needs and issues for the entire period - handling everything from the most simple 'fix' to a complete panel re-do. They have repaired my auto-pilot(s), overseen software upgrades, etc., as well as performed the required periodic pitot-static inspections.

All the avionics work they have done has been handled in the most meticulous and professional manner, especially in ensuring that all appropriate FAA-required paperwork is prepared exactly as required.

I have the utmost respect and confidence in Leading Edge Avionics' management team, as well as in each of their very qualified, knowledgeable, and talented technicians. I would highly recommend Leading Edge Avionics to anyone, knowing that they will be taken care of with the same professional manner that I have experienced through the years.

Chris Schwartz
Aircraft Owner/Pilot

"I have been doing business with Leading Edge Avionics for over 20 years with many upgrades and repairs to several aircraft I have owned. They are by far the best for avionics installs, troubleshooting, and service."

David Schlosser
Aircraft Owner/Pilot

"As a customer of Leading Edge Avionics for over 25 years, I can easily speak to the quality and service that my company and myself personally, have enjoyed. One would have to go a long way to receive the same professional and useful services that they have provided over the years. They have on many occasions, pulled off some last minute miracles, in order to keep our fleet of 14 planes up and running. I would be happy to speak to any potential customers about our experiences with Leading Edge Avionics."

Gary Sequeira
Owner Orange County Flight Center