Flight Decks

Flight Decks

Thanks to technological advancements in the aviation industry and specifically avionics, the next generation of integrated flight decks is here. Aside from the stunning aesthetics, they offer greater safety, more intuitive design, increased functionality and weight-savings for aircraft and pilots.

New glass flight deck technology can replace hundreds of dials and gauges in the cockpit with an integrated cutting-edge digital display. Now, everything pilots need to know during flight is at their fingertips and interfaces with a range of your aircraft’s equipment, including radios, navigators and audio panels.

Another new enhancement for flight decks is Synthetic Vision, which can enrich your display by integrating 3-Dimensional terrain images and offering a variety of different view perspectives. It also enables the pilot to see obstacles, traffic and runway environments in graphical perspective to easily visualize what they would see through their windshield on a clear day.

Manufacturers such as Garmin, Honeywell, BendixKing, Rockwell Collins and others provide excellent flight decks to address any number of desired tasks. They have a wide range of functionality that increases flexibility and redundancy for a safer and more enjoyable flying experience. In addition, wide landscape-format flight displays can either function independently or can function in unison on multi-pane mode, allowing multiple pages to be viewed side-by-side on the same screen. With this capability, pilots can simultaneously view maps, charts, checklists, TAWS, TCAS, flight plans, weather, video input and more – without cluttering or compromising the clean visual layout.

Today’s integrated flight decks provide all the crucial data at our fingertips. Aircraft can be equipped with situational awareness and an easy-to-use, intuitive machine that reduces pilot workload and delivers the right information at the right time. Proper flight decks offer pilots and owners a higher level of safety and performance while extending the useful life and increasing the value of their aircraft.

Through proper consultation and design with our technicians, your ideal flight deck will not only increase the reliability of your aircraft, but can also reduce wire count and weight. Depending on your aircraft, this could mean a huge savings in weight. You may be able to add another passenger or more luggage on your future flights due to the significant weight savings that is created from the elimination of antiquated wiring and equipment.

Whether you’re replacing a single audio panel or upgrading to the most integrated and robust avionics solution available, let us help you create and install the best integrated deck design for your aircraft that will seamlessly communicate with your other systems.


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