Navigation & Radios

Navigation & Radios

If you haven’t checked out the latest GPS/NAV/COMM/MFD systems, then you’re missing out. The technology has advanced exponentially in recent years, and you can now choose from a vast array of features and designs equipped with the latest multifunction display capabilities. From Garmin’s powerful GTN 750 and GTN 650 to Bendix King’s top-of-the-line KSN 770 and AVIDYNE’s IFD 540, our dealer’s products deliver exceptional performance with the form and function that’s right for you. Check out our showroom to explore them all in more detail.

Most of the new units have large, intuitive touchscreen controls and sizable displays that provide unprecedented access to vital detailed information while remaining incredibly easy to use. With today’s technology, you have access to high-resolution terrain mapping, graphical flight planning and geo-referenced charting, traffic display, multiple weather options, internet connectivity, advanced navigation and much more. For those pilots that desire a more traditional set-up, look and feel, concentric knobs for data input are also available on selected units.

The advantage of these systems is that they provide a variety of ways to access maps and other data quickly with something as simple as a swiping your finger across the screen. For more detailed tasks, some models allow data to be easily entered on a full, onscreen keypad. Looking to streamline your console? Various products allow you to create easy-to-use shortcuts that are built-in so you can access different information and screens more quickly and effortlessly than ever before.

The latest units have all been built with the utmost safety, convenience, and versatility in mind. If you are concerned about the ability to manage the touchscreen during turbulent flight conditions, these latest models have you covered. One of the things you’ll notice immediately is that most units are uniquely designed with either raised grips in the bezel or small shelves across the lower edge of the displays that serve as gripping points. So even when you come across a few turbulent bumps, you’ve still got access to the avionics you need most.

When it comes to avionics, we know that one size doesn’t fit all. Let our experienced team work with you to determine the best options for your unique situation. Based on your flying style, preferences and desired functionality, we can help you select the right unit for you and your aircraft. Give us a call and let our technicians help you evaluate the right GPS/NAV/COMM unit.


"Leading Edge Avionics went above and beyond with their customer service and punctual delivery of my airplane. Although it was a small job, further complications arose that were dealt with in a knowledgeable and timely fashion. They informed me every step of the way and made sure I knew all of my options. Thanks for the help!"