Connectivity & Broadband

Connectivity & Broadband

Today’s aviation pilots, crew and customers require a seamless technological transition from their home or office to their aircraft. Passengers now expect the same connectivity in the air as they have on the ground. With the technological advancements available in the marketplace, connectivity is no longer an issue for your aircraft.

Gone are the days when in-flight Internet access, video streaming and text-and-talk services were futuristic notions of what might be possible someday. The future is now. The many providers of satellite and ground-based connectivity equipment, devices and services offer a wide array of solutions to keep up with the rapidly growing demand for this technology.

Most any hardware and bandwidth provider can create a system to deliver the right technology to enable productivity by the crew and passengers alike, as well as passenger entertainment. So, it is important to research and analyze the different solutions available for your aircraft. That’s where we can help. We can design a customized system, based on your specific needs. One that provides the ultimate inflight connectivity experience throughout the aircraft, from voice and safety communications in the cockpit, to reliable, high-speed broadband in the cabin.

With the right broadband solution, passengers can join a video conference, catch the latest market reports while traveling to the next business meeting, download a presentation from the company server – or just kick back and live stream a sporting event or TV show. Everything that makes your business move fast on land can be duplicated on your aircraft at 40,000 ft.

Whether you are accessing VoIP at 0.064Mbps or using 1080p video streaming that requires 2Mbps, we’ve got you covered. There are a variety of providers and data plans to uniquely fit any need you have and provide you plan flexibility depending on each of your passengers’ needs. In a data-driven world, staying connected is a necessity, whenever and wherever you fly. Leading Edge Avionics can help you achieve the right system and plan for your needs.


"As a resident pilot here at SNA since 1976, I have known the owners of Leading Edge Avionics for roughly 30 years, and have owned an airplane based here since 1985.

Through the years, Leading Edge Avionics has handled all of my avionics needs and issues for the entire period - handling everything from the most simple 'fix' to a complete panel re-do. They have repaired my auto-pilot(s), overseen software upgrades, etc., as well as performed the required periodic pitot-static inspections.

All the avionics work they have done has been handled in the most meticulous and professional manner, especially in ensuring that all appropriate FAA-required paperwork is prepared exactly as required.

I have the utmost respect and confidence in Leading Edge Avionics' management team, as well as in each of their very qualified, knowledgeable, and talented technicians. I would highly recommend Leading Edge Avionics to anyone, knowing that they will be taken care of with the same professional manner that I have experienced through the years.

Chris Schwartz
Aircraft Owner/Pilot