Leasing & Financing

Looking to upgrade your avionics, but prefer paying over time instead of paying it all up front? Leading Edge Avionics can help. We provide a wide range of avionics leasing and financing solutions through our trusted partners. The application process is fast and easy, and you can be approved in as little as 48 hours. We’re also a direct lender for ADS-B and most all other avionics equipment. So next time you’re in, talk to us about our leasing and financing capabilities and what options work best for you.


As part of our commitment to exceptional customer service, we pride ourselves on providing a flexible array of leasing and payment options. Whatever your specific needs are and whatever your financial situation is, our team will work with you to structure a lease or financing contract that best suits you or your organization. With our trained experts and years of experience, we’re 100% committed to helping you take advantage of the best available options.

Leading Edge Avionics is a certified dealer for a variety of manufacturers. That means we can tailor a solution for you built specifically on the brands, features and equipment that best meet your aircraft needs and budget. Our team will work with you on developing the perfect structure to meet your financial and aviation needs. Because we have a deep understanding of the avionics industry, we have the capability to provide a variety of options for you that your local bank simply would not consider.

Unsure if the products you’re looking for can be applied to our leasing and financing programs? You might be surprised at the variety of upgrades that qualify. Just some of the upgrades that our customers have enjoyed through these financing arrangements include, but are not limited to, WAAS-GPS, Transponders, ADS-B, RNP/RNAV, DataComm, Glass Displays and many more. By opting for an affordable leasing or financing solution, you can keep your aircraft updated with the latest technology and add equipment quickly, so you’re always up-to-date with evolving industry standards and the latest technology advancements.

The application is a quick and easy process that takes just minutes, and in most cases we can give you an answer in as little as 48-hours. With our financing plans, you can easily and economically acquire, upgrade, or replace your avionics equipment, giving you unprecedented flexibility. Just give us a call and we’ll walk you through the variety of financing and leasing options available to you.




"I love my new upgrades. The GTN-650, GTX-345 and my new 106 indicator. Most of all, the idea of now knowing my Density Altitude will be great during backcountry flying.

Maggie met me outside the hanger before I had even gotten out of the plane. Had it not been for Scott at the AOPA Fly-In at KCMA, I'd have not known about Leading Edge Avionics. He was thorough and came in right on the estimate given to me there.

Tim, my installer, was gracious enough to let me hang a bit and get some pics of the "de-install of my 'steam gauges". Lots of open holes in the panel, and now, it's beautiful. Linda and I both feel that flying will be much easier and safer with the new equipment.

I look forward to sharing the new adventures of Shirley III with you in the future.

I'd recommend Leading Edge Avionics to anyone that asks me where to go for service."

George and Linda Butts
N4876N "Shirley III"