Mobile Units

Mobile Units

Southern California is home to over 100 airports, many of which do not have an on-site avionics repair station. Until now, if you were at one of those airports, you had to fly elsewhere to get your service done. But at Leading Edge Avionics, if you can’t come to us, we’ll come to you! Our mobile units provide fast, on-site support and service no matter where you are in Southern California. So next time you’re having avionics issues with your aircraft, just give us a call us and we’ll be there.

When it comes to where and when you get your avionics service, isn’t it great to have choice? With our unique Mobile Unit advantage, you’re in control like never before. Prefer to stay put and have someone come to you? Then leave the travel to us. Simply tell us where you are in Southern California and our talented technicians will be there in a heartbeat. Each technician has an average of more than 25 years of experience under their belt, so you get the same exceptional service you’ll find at our main location, but delivered straight to your door.

With just a single phone call, our Mobile Unit will assess your needs and come to you at any of the nearly 100 airports throughout Southern California. Our fully-stocked vehicles and accompanying mobile technicians not only provide a rapid response to your call, but they’ll also provide experienced insight on your issue and the possible range of solution options to fix the problem.

Chances are, if we asked any owner how much downtime is acceptable for their aircraft, their response would likely be, “No more than necessary.” We take that answer to heart, which is why we make every effort possible to make rapid AOG response a reality. We don’t believe in sub-par service just because your favorite airport might not have an avionics repair station to service your aircraft. That’s why we created our expertly-trained Mobile Unit Response Team.

Our travelling technicians are available around the clock to service your aircraft in any one of over 100 locations across Southern California. So, no matter where you’re touching down in the area, rest assured that should you ever need support, our team will be there in a heartbeat. With Leading Edge Avionics, now you have piece of mind and a new lease on time. Let our experienced, expert Mobile Unit Response Team work for you and help to minimize your aircraft’s downtime.


"As a resident pilot here at SNA since 1976, I have known the owners of Leading Edge Avionics for roughly 30 years, and have owned an airplane based here since 1985.

Through the years, Leading Edge Avionics has handled all of my avionics needs and issues for the entire period - handling everything from the most simple 'fix' to a complete panel re-do. They have repaired my auto-pilot(s), overseen software upgrades, etc., as well as performed the required periodic pitot-static inspections.

All the avionics work they have done has been handled in the most meticulous and professional manner, especially in ensuring that all appropriate FAA-required paperwork is prepared exactly as required.

I have the utmost respect and confidence in Leading Edge Avionics' management team, as well as in each of their very qualified, knowledgeable, and talented technicians. I would highly recommend Leading Edge Avionics to anyone, knowing that they will be taken care of with the same professional manner that I have experienced through the years.

Chris Schwartz
Aircraft Owner/Pilot