Our Commitment

Leading Edge Avionics is committed to providing services that ensure uncompromised safety at the highest quality of craftsmanship and reliability. Our highly skilled team averages over twenty-five years of experience. Knowledge- we simply won't swap out a box. Troubleshooting and an extensive understanding of your equipment allow us to identify and isolate your problem. 
Guaranteed Workmanship

Our experienced, highly proficient employees can handle even the most complex work, delivering the most innovative and reliable solutions for every installation. Our repair service is second to none. When you fly away, we guarantee our workmanship. 
Our Team Provides Value

Fast and cheap is not always the best. For forty years, Leading Edge Avionics has serviced the avionics needs of Southern California with the utmost integrity. We employ avionics technicians with an average experience of 20+ years—ensuring uncompromised safety and the highest quality of proficiency and reliability. We'll exceed your expectations at every level; contact our team today to get started.