In-House Bench Repair

In-House Bench Repair

As the Southern California leader in Avionics installation and repair, one of the services we’re most proud of is our superb team of bench repair technicians. Our in-house bench repair experts are available when issues arise. And they’re ready to diagnose and fix issues with navigation and communication radios, autopilots, computers and even radar antennas. With over four decades of experience, our technicians have the experience and skills needed to troubleshoot whatever problems you may have so you can get your aircraft flying again as quickly as possible.

One of our core customer commitments is to make sure we do everything in our power to get you up and flying as quickly and efficiently as possible. That’s why we’ve invested in our own in-house bench repair service. Having our expert bench repair team on-site to diagnose and fix equipment issues, dramatically decreases our service time since we can fix the equipment in-house without taking the time to send parts back to manufacturers.

Not only does our in-house bench repair team have decades of experience, they also have a remarkable proficiency in repairs. Over the past forty years, our technicians have worked on thousands of different parts from hundreds of manufacturers. From vintage equipment to the very latest integrated circuit technology, our technicians have seen and fixed it all. The next time you’re facing an issue with your aircraft, let our team put their skills to work for you so we can solve even the most challenging avionics problems your aircraft may encounter.

Our clients often ask us, “what does it take to be a great bench repair technician?” Like all our skilled technicians, it starts with experience, training and taking the time to listen. It’s about understanding the customer needs and trouble shooting the problem. But once your components and boards are opened up, you’ll start to see some intricate skills put in action. Soldering takes exceptional vision and an unwavering steady hand along with persistence and patience. Every connection needs to be repaired, tested and re-tested again. There is no room for error. Many of the components we fix in-house are vital to the safe operation of your aircraft. When you get them serviced at Leading Edge Avionics, you’ll have the confidence that the job will be done right. If having your components repaired quickly and safely is important to you, then give us a call. We will be happy to answer any questions you have.


"As a customer of Leading Edge Avionics for over 25 years, I can easily speak to the quality and service that my company and myself personally, have enjoyed. One would have to go a long way to receive the same professional and useful services that they have provided over the years. They have on many occasions, pulled off some last minute miracles, in order to keep our fleet of 14 planes up and running. I would be happy to speak to any potential customers about our experiences with Leading Edge Avionics."

Gary Sequeira
Owner Orange County Flight Center