Sometimes the very best service begins with access to the very best parts and products. At Leading Edge Avionics, we carry a wide array of aircraft products, including parts, components, merchandise and pilot supplies that make every job a cinch. We also maintain an extensive parts exchange pool for all General Aviation aircraft types. And our expert staff is happy to take on a wide range of services to meet and exceed your needs, including overhauls, repairs, rotables, loaners, exchanges, outright units, avionics, and instruments.

As the Southern California leader in Avionics installation and repair, one of the services we’re most proud of is our superb team of bench repair technicians. Our in-house bench repair experts are available when issues arise. And they’re ready to diagnose and fix issues with navigation and communication radios, autopilots, computers and even radar antennas. With several decades of experience, our team has the experience and skills needed to troubleshoot whatever problems you may have so you can get flying again as quickly as possible. Over the past forty years, we have worked on thousands of different parts from hundreds of manufacturers. From vintage analog equipment to the very latest integrated circuit technology, our team has seen, diagnosed and fixed it all. So, the next time you’re facing an issue with the avionics in your aircraft, let our people put their skills to work for you. We can solve even the most challenging avionics problems and get you back flying quickly.

With one of the most comprehensive inventories in the industry, we have the right stock to meet almost any avionics, instrument, or pilot supply need. Whether you’ve got a specific product you’re looking for or just care to browse, you're sure to find what you are looking for on the Leading Edge Avionics website. In fact, on any given day, you can find thousands of different parts, components and products from a wide range of manufacturers. And they’re all in stock, which means quicker service and less downtime for you.

In addition to our vast selection of parts, we are also known for providing incredible value on the items we sell. If you’ve shopped around, you’ll know that our prices aren’t just great; they’re the lowest in the industry! So you can shop with confidence knowing that you’ll be getting the very best service at the very best price at Leading Edge Avionics.


"Leading Edge Avionics went above and beyond with their customer service and punctual delivery of my airplane. Although it was a small job, further complications arose that were dealt with in a knowledgeable and timely fashion. They informed me every step of the way and made sure I knew all of my options. Thanks for the help!"