Airports with WINTER Written All Over Them

Airports with WINTER Written All Over Them


What’s in a 3-letter airport code?

Well if you ask us, it’s in the eye of the beholder. So we scoured the planet and came up with a list of our favorite, winter-themed airport codes.

SNO  With a name like that, you think it’d be in the arctic circle. But alas, this airport is in balmy Sakum Nakhon Airport in Thailand 
FRZ We hear that nights do get rather chilly at this airport, also known as Fritzlar Air Base in northern Germany

Looking for a name that reflects chilly winter days and the sniffles-causing virus?

Look no further than McCLellan-Palomar Airport in Carlasbad, California.

NAP And if all that reduced daylight hours has you feeling a little tired and run down, there’s always time for a little siesta at Naples airport in Italy

Got any more fun airport codes?
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