You have questions about your avionics needs. Our VP of Avionics Sales, Scott Gregory has the answers.

Q: Hi Scott. I hear that Garmin is getting into the autopilot space. Is all that talk worth the hype?

Great question. Garmin certainly transformed the way we get around on land with their Nav /Comm / GPS systems, and I do believe they’re bringing that same magic to the air with the Garmin GFC 500. The great thing about Garmin is that they’re coming into this market at the perfect time. The old 1970’s autopilots are getting too costly and difficult to repair. And they just don’t do as much, or do it as well as some of the newer systems.

For less than you would expect, the GFC 500 incorporates all new digital circuits allowing robust safety features such as underspeed & overspeed protection with the soon to be famous “Blue Button” return to level. It also offers “ESP” Electronic Stability Protection and is 40% lighter than other auto pilot systems on the market. It even features airspeed hold that lets you nudge the controls towards stable flight whenever pitch or roll deviations exceed the recommended limits. I can tell you we believe that this product can and will save lives. It’s that good.

So next time you’re tired, distracted, or reaching for that bologna sandwich in your lunch bag during a long, cross-country flight, ask yourself who you’d want to have along as the perfect co-pilot. With all those features plus corrections five times a second, Garmin’s GFC 500 certainly makes a case for itself.

So is it worth the hype? We think so. But don’t just take our word for it. Come in for a demo and see for yourself. We’d be happy to help.