Aviation Trivia

Aviation Trivia


Think you know aviation? See if you can guess the answers to some of our quirkier aviation trivia.

1) In 1987, American Airlines saved this much money by removing just one olive from each salad served in first class:

A) 11,000 B) $22,000 C) 32,000 D) $40,000

2) How many liters of water does the average person shed from the body during a 3-hour flight?

A) 2 cup B) 4 cups C) 6 cups D) 8 cups

3) What is the original name of John F. Kennedy Airport in New York?

A) Idlewild B) Woodmere C) Jamaica Bay D) Howard Beach

4) The electrical capacity of a 747 can power how many 32-inch flat screen TVs?

A) 380,000 B) 480,000 C) 540,000 D) 580,000

5) How many people have been flown on the 747 family since they first took flight?

A) 2.3 billion B) 3.5 billion C) 5.6 billion D) 7 billion


  • D) They saved $40k just by ditching an olive.
  • C) You lose at least 6 cups of water. Replenish those fluids, mister!
  • A) Idlewild, named after the adjacent city neighborhood.
  • B) 480,000 flat screen TVs, or roughly 12 Circuit City display windows.
  • C) 5.6 billion, or roughly 80% of the world’s population