Aviation Trivia

Aviation Trivia


Think you know aviation?

See if you can guess the answers to some of our quirkier aviation trivia.

1) In which city would you find an airport with the code, LOL?

A) Grand Rapids

B) Derby Field

C) Sioux City

D) Willow

2)  Name this airport:

3) Prior to the pandemic, how many people were in the sky at any given moment?

A) 400,000

B) 750,000

C) 1 million

D) 1.2 million

4) How many miles can a Boeing 787 fly on a single tank?

A) 6,000 miles

B) 8,000 miles

C) 10,000 miles

D) 12,000 miles

5) If you’re flying at 30,000 feet, how close are you to space?

A) 7% of the way

B) 12% of the way

C) 15% of the way

D) 20% of the way


  • B) Derby Field, which gets its code from its hometown of Lovelock. Sioux City, however, isn’t laughing much these days. Their code is SUX.
  • Long Beach Airport
  • D) Typically, there are 9,700 aircraft in the sky, flying 1.2 million people. That makes the sky the 156th most populous country in the world right between Estonia and East Timor.
  • C) 10,000 miles. With that kind of range, it could circle the circumference of the Earth with just two fillups. Thankfully, most have a bathroom inside!
  • A) 7% of the way. While you may feel like you’re astronomically high at 30,000 feet, you’ve still got a long way to go before you become a cosmonaut.