Aviation Trivia Fall 2021

Aviation Trivia Fall 2021


Think you know aviation?

See if you can guess the answers to some of our quirkier aviation trivia.

  1. Is it possible to fly across the Pacific Ocean in a single engine plane like a Cessna 172 on a single tank of gas? YES NO
  2. The Cessna Citation X is said to be the fastest aircraft designed for general aviation. What is its top speed? A) 458 mph B) 522 mph C) 617 mph D) 700 mph
  3. When a baby is born in flight, what determines the nationality of the child? A) The airline they’re flying on B) Where it occurs C) Nationality of the parents D) All of the above
  4. Which airport hast the IATA code OMG? A) Omaha Municipal Airport in Omaha, Nebraska B) Omega Airport in Omega, Namibia C) Oak Mills Airport, Oak Mills, Georgia D) Oshawa Municipal Airport, Oshawa, Ontario Canada
  5. Name this airport: A) John Wayne B) Hollywood Burbank Long Beach C) Santa Barbara Airport D) Meadows Field Airport


  • YES. If you start in Alaska and fly to Russia, you’ll only travel 178 miles between Nome and Lavrentiya.
  • C) It is certified by the FAA as capable of flying at mach 0.934 or 617 miles an hour.
  • D) All those factors come into play, and in some cases multiple citizenships may be available for the child that the parents are free to choose from. On the birth certificate, the place of birth is listed as “In the Air.”
  • B) You’ll have to touch down in Namibia if you want an OMG landing.
  • B) It’s the newly renamed Hollywood Burbank Airport.