Case Study

Case Study


A G5 Conquers Europe with FANS 1/A

A few months ago, a customer came to us with a used Gulfstream G5 they purchased to streamline travel to and from Europe. To make sure they had the technology required to do that, they engaged with Leading Edge to provide expert guidance.


The main challenge was coming up with a solution that provided access to the fastest and most efficient overseas routes while providing a clear ROI.


The G5 was equipped FANS 1/A technology, which enhances communication between flight crews and air traffic controllers and provides accurate GPS reporting. With FANS, aircraft are able to fly closer together in congested areas, giving pilots access to the preferred and most efficient routes.


The owner now saves at least an hour of flying time per return trip while shaving off a considerable amount of miles. At a cost of $6,500/hour to operate, the owner is now saving over $150,000 a year on operational costs with just two trips a month. 


When it comes to avionics, there’s no such thing as one-size fits all solutions. The best investments are ones tailored to your unique needs and requirements.