Case Study: A Cessna 210 Makes a New Home Stateside with a State-of-the-Art Glass Panel Install

Case Study: A Cessna 210 Makes a New Home Stateside with a State-of-the-Art Glass Panel Install


A few months ago, a customer brought in a Cessna 210 he purchased overseas and had shipped to the U.S. Although the plane was in great condition, it needed several upgrades in order to accommodate the owner’s desire to use it for business and pleasure trips around the west coast. In particular, the owner knew he was going to upgrade the panel and was looking for recommendations and quotes from several avionics shops. After preliminary discussions with multiple shops, he entrusted Leading Edge Avionics to provide him with advice on the best glass panel configuration for his particular flying needs and budget.


The customer was looking for a feature-rich avionics stack that could be installed within his target budget. One of the most important features was to run the autopilot with a configuration that wasn’t a budget-buster and still provided synthetic vision, moving map to PFD, or have split-screen to control comm and NAV frequencies.


Leading Edge Avionics installed the Garmin GFC500 autopilot using a Garmin 3X touch and GAD 29 with the GTN 750 which provided all the functionality the customer was looking for at a price that met his budget goals. In addition, we installed and interfaced with the JPI EDM 930 primary engine instrumentation. With the 930 onboard, we can remove many of the old engine gauges, and open up valuable space in the panel.


The G3X Touch offers a variety of scalable panel configurations and a superior feature set that includes wireless connectivity and synthetic vision as standard, as well as options such as display redundancy, advanced autopilot compatibility, engine monitoring, and more. The EDM-930 monitors his engine conditions four times per second and will warn the pilot instantly if any measurement exceeds the programmed limit. The panel looks clean and state-of-the-art.


From the very first test flight, the customer was thrilled with the installation.