Case Study - A Pilatus Makes the Move

Case Study - A Pilatus Makes the Move


To Display and Nav/Comm Touch Screen Technology


A few months ago, a customer reached out to us about some potential upgrades to his Pilatus. At the time, he had an aging Garmin G600 system on the pilot’s side, but nothing on the copilot’s side. The goal was not only to replace the aging system with something newer (and last a while without additional upgrades), but to also provide the same functionality on the co-pilot’s side so the aircraft could be flown from either chair. They looked to Leading Edge for a proposal that would allow them to upgrade their entire cockpit.


The challenge was to increase the situational awareness for the entire flight crew in a way that was affordable yet still feature-rich and able to meet the customer’s flight schedule deadline.


After several great discussions with the customer, the Pilatus was equipped with Dual G600 TXis, Dual GTN 750 Xis, new standby GI-275, and a new Digital 3D GMA 350c audio panel . We also installed a glovebox in the pedestal with USB charging ports and additional USB charging ports in the cabin area for extra client and crew comfort.


The customer now has touchscreen technology that will reduce his workload while flying and a modernized cockpit that will provide him with increased situational awareness. He also has a state-of-the-art standby Attitude, Altitude, and airspeed indicator in the GI-275.


With this comprehensive install, the customer now feels safe and informed while he flies, and it’s immediately increased the value of his aircraft. As for the passengers, they no longer have to worry if their mobile devices are going to die on them during the flight. It’s been a win-win that’s given everyone the peace of mind to jump in and fly anywhere they wish to go with added safety, reliability, and comfort.