Cessna Citations are certainly one of the more popular business jets out there today. In fact, over 7,000 of them have rolled off the assembly lines so far, nearly all of which are still operational today. They’re exceptionally great aircraft, but upgrading to the new ADS-B standards is proving to be both a challenge and an opportunity for those lucky enough to own one.


With the ADS-B deadline fast approaching, Cessna Citation owners are looking not just to meet the minimum compliancy standards, but to ensure their tech updgrades are seen as solid investments both in the near and long term.


Leading Edge Avionics has created a solution custom-made for Citations. We work in conjunction with third-party STC’s to make Cessna Citation 500 and 600 series aircraft compliant in as little as a day. The STC uses a combination of the GTN touchscreen radios with the Garmin GTX ADS-B Compliant transponders.

Benefit – Recaps the solution’s advantages and why it was the right choice

Aside from resting easy knowing they won’t be grounded for failing to meet the new ADS-B mandate, aircraft owners will also benefit from new capabilities. Essentially we’re able to equip aircraft with two GPS units, that enables a more more modern approach (LPV and GPS approach) that gets you into more airports. And because we work with so many Citations, downtime is minimal.

The end result is an updgrade that improves performance, safety and reliability while opening up the possibilities to discover new airports.