Case Study Stepping Up to A Modern Cockpit

Case Study Stepping Up to A Modern Cockpit


CHALLENGE When an overseas client purchased a Cessna 414 here in California, he wanted to upgrade the outdated avionics stack before flying back to Portugal. Our challenge? To significantly upgrade the functionality and performance of the avionics without breaking the bank.

SOLUTION The Leading Edge team came together to create a tailor-made solution that prioritized both functionality and ROI for this budget-conscious client. After some close collaboration with the client, all the outdated avionics were removed and replaced with a modern, glass panel avionics package. The G600TXi offers a dependable ADC and AHRS system, while the 10.6” display provides a large moving map. The G600 TXi also provides accurate flight guidance to the S-Tec 65 AP system while the Flight Stream 210 allows the pilot to change their waypoints on his iPad and push changes to the GNS 430W.

BENEFIT The client now has an aircraft that is safer and more capable during long overseas flights. The customer also enjoys the convenience of not having to endure the tedious knob turning of the GNS units, and the pilot now has touch control over the aircraft’s Nav and Communications frequencies.

CONCLUSION From the very first test flight, the customer was thrilled with the installation. As the customer was completing the delivery process, our Leading Edge team assisted them with the purchase of life rafts and other safety equipment needed for the trek back to Portugal over water.

“I’ve picked up many aircraft after an avionics installation, and this is the best process we’ve experienced. Communication was excellent, and we so appreciated the extra steps the team provided to make our flight a safe and enjoyable experience,” said. And after the overseas voyage, there wasn’t a single post-install squawk. Just smooth sailing all the way.” — Chief Pilot Johany Portillo