Letter from CEO

Letter from CEO


Don’t let those lazy summer days fool you. This is one summer you’ll want to plan ahead.

ADS-B.  Just four simple letters, but their impact has been pretty far reaching. With the ADS-B deadline fast approaching (and thousands of aircraft still not compliant), our maintenance teams have been working at breakneck speed to keep as many of our customers from being grounded as we can. 

While squeezing in all these upgrades has been great for business, it’s definitely had an impact on our ability to turn around last-minute repair and maintenance requests. During any other summer, all it took was a quick phone call and a technician would be out that same day to resolve squawks or other small issues. But thanks to the FAA squeeze and of course, the busy summer season, we’re seeing an extremely high demand for our technicians. 

It’s a great problem to have of course, but a challenge, nonetheless. 

What this all means is that this is one unusual summer, with demands unlike anything we’ve ever seen. But one thing I know: we’ll all get through it. The sun will still come up every morning (especially here in Southern California), and the world will keep on turning. 

The only difference is, this time, we’ll all just need to do a little more planning to tackle this unusual set of circumstances.

With all this craziness, we’d just like to extend a sincere thank you out to all of our technicians who continue to go above and beyond to get our clients up and running as quickly as possible. And of course, a special thanks to all of our customers for their loyalty, trust and patience during this unique time in avionics history.