In this issue, we are featuring our Senior Avionics Technician Brad Irish. For those of you who have brought your aircraft to Leading Edge with autopilot issues, you already know that Brad Irish is one of the top auto-pilot experts in the country.

Brad joined the company in 1996, and with over 20 years experience servicing aircraft at Leading Edge Avionics, Brad is our go-to Avionics Zen Master for troubleshooting.

Having worked with just about every piece of equipment from the major OEM’s, Brad brings a certain “je ne sais quois” to his troubleshooting. From Moonies to Gulfstreams, Brad has a tremendous ability to identify issues, determine resolution and get you back out where you should be…flying.

If Brad’s not getting his fill of aviation here at work, you’ll find him at various locations around Southern California flying his DJI Phantom 4 Drone around. Capturing some of the most interesting and unique images with this HD technology, we only wish he could fly it here at the airport!

Next time your at Leading Edge, stop by and say “Hi!”