Deep experience. Pride of work. Customer oriented. These are things we always look for at Leading Edge Avionics, and we have all that and more with David Nam, our Senior Technician for our In-House Bench Department.

If you haven’t met many in-house benches, we’re not surprised. Leading Edge Avionics is one of the few shops left that still offers field repair bench services. With over 30 years of experience in the field, David is one of our top experts at diagnosing and repairing communications, navigation, transponders, altimeters, weather radar systems, RVSM systems, and other aircraft electronic systems.

David’s personal story is an interesting one. His parents both served the U.S. Army in South Korea for 30 years. And once they completed their service, the U.S. government invited them to retire back in America. Bringing the family in 1980, David began his tenure with Leading Edge (Western Avionics at the time) in 1985. As one of the longest tenured employees at Leading Edge, David brings an invaluable wealth of knowledge and information to our customers that you just can’t find anywhere else.

In particular, David is known for his ability to identify and resolve intermittent equipment issues, including the most challenging of squawks. Whenever you have equipment issues, tap into the knowledge base that David Nam possesses and you’ll be back in business in no time.

When David is not repairing avionics equipment, he is an elder at his church, father of three, and has been married for 40 years! His daughter Naomi was the 1999 National Silver Medalist in Free Style figure skating for the United States. Talk about being a proud papa!

Next time your at leading Edge, stop by and say “hi!”