Fun Facts About Aviation

Fun Facts About Aviation


Fun Aviation facts:

More people die from plane exhaust than plane crashes

Although commercial plane crashes tend to get a lot of media coverage, they’re actually quite rare. Fewer than 1,000 people die in plane crashes each year, including small planes. But MIT released a study that found 10,000 deaths a year are attributable to toxic pollutants emitted by jet engines. So, it looks like you’re safer in the air than you are on Earth breathing it.

You lose out on a third of your taste buds during flights

Still have some of that Christmas fruitcake laying around? Might be worth snacking on during your next flight. Turns out, about a third of your taste buds are numbed at altitude. Bon appetit!

The average Boeing 747 has around 150-175 miles of wiring inside it…

That’s nearly enough metal to stretch from San Diego to Santa Barbara.

…And is more fuel efficient than a hybrid

According to the research, a Boeing 747 gets 0.2 miles per gallon, burning through 36,000 gallons of fuel over a 10 hour flight. Might sound like a lot of fuel, but with 500 people aboard, that works out to 0.01 gallons per person per mile, or 100 miles per gallon. Suck it, Prius!