Recently, the owner of a King Air B200 came to us to bring the aircraft’s avionics inline with the latest standards and technology.


More specifically, the aircraft owner was looking for equipment that not only suited the small cockpit of the King Air, but also provided greater situational awareness while reducing pilot workload and stress, especially in single-pilot, IFR conditions.


A Garmin G600TXi glass touchscreen upgrade with a full Garmin Suite in the center stack. Touchscreen upgrade includes:

*Garmin Flight Stream 510 (Connext interface)

  • Garmin GTN 750 GPS/COMM/Nav
  • Garmin GTN 650 GPS/COMM/Nav
  • Garmin 10.6 G600TXi Touch Glass EFIS
  • Mid-Continent MD302 Standby Attitude Module
  • Garrmin GMA 350 audio panel
  • Garmin GTX 345R ADS-B in/OUT
  • Garmin GTX 335R ADS-B OUT

Benefit – The solution’s advantages and why it was the right choice

Now the pilot can easily configure the display to meet their exact preference, greatly increasing their situational awareness while reducing pilot workload and stress. Another benefit is the greatly increased reliability of the avionics as well as the reduction in the aircraft’s gross weight. During the install we where able to remove old wiring which can lead to escalating and difficult maintenance with aircraft downtime. With this new panel Garmin avionics technology is enabling legacy turboprop aircraft to continue to provide reliable and safe transportation at affordable price.