LETTER FROM THE CEO 2020 Final Approach

LETTER FROM THE CEO 2020 Final Approach


This year certainly turned out to be a little turbulent to say the least. However, I can honestly say the challenges of the year have made us all stronger and ready for whatever 2021 throws our way.

As we begin to enter one of the busiest seasons and the holidays approach, more people than ever are out flying. We have seen a tremendous uptick of activity and the airports are once again humming.

As the world is making its recovery from the coronavirus, we have embraced new ways to communicate and interact with our customers.

We’ve taken extra measures to clean and sanitize our work areas and our customers’ aircrafts. And of course, we do our best to provide our clients with helpful tips and advice both here in this newsletter and through our everyday chats and interactions with our customers.

When we think back to what kept us busy this time last year, it really does add some perspective. Back then, all eyes were on the ADS-B mandate deadline. Our team was working around the clock to ensure no customers were grounded and that everyone was able to make a smooth transition to this new and exciting technology.

Although ADS-B upgrades are still trickling in, the real push from our customers this year has been around upgrading the safety systems of their aircraft with digital autopilots and panel upgrades. The recent advancements in these products combined with attractive promotional discounts has made the case for these upgrades extremely compelling. The new autopilots available add an additional level of safety at a time when too many avoidable accidents are making headlines. Additionally, a new digital autopilot instantly drives up the value of your aircraft at a time when protecting assets and revenue streams has never been more important.

With changing times and changing technology, our customers have evolved too. More and more are viewing upgrades as an investment, and not an expense. They see a viable business case for these investments and most importantly a substantial investment in their safety and that of their passengers.

So, if there’s anything on your to-do list for 2020 that you think we can help with please give us a call. With more than 40 years in business, we have the knowledge and experience to provide you the best advice, service, and most importantly, top safety upgrades for your aircraft.

We look forward to serving you.