Every cause needs a champion. Meet “Miss Haps” - our very own Sultana of Safety, Queen of Caution and Princess of Preparedness.

I know you’re good. You’re the pilot who can spot targets miles away; day, night, even in solid IMC, right? I get emails all the time from pilots asking about ADS-B, mostly along the lines of, “Why do I need another transponder?”

While the FAR’s 91.225 spells out where the new equipment is needed and 91.227 spell out what equipment, the bottom line comes down to this; if you need a transponder in the airspace, you need ADS-B.

Each issue she’ll tackle a different safety issue in her own unique style.

Bah! Regulations - Schmegulations you say. Sure you can request a deviation. Sure you can make your way to a place for suitable repairs (like Leading Edge Avionics!)

Maybe you can fly under or around, but without your freedoms, my dear pilots, are you really flying?

Through my keen aviatrix eyes, the new system is the price of freedom. And while these eyes are sharp, they’re no 150 nautical-mile sharp! That’s how far the ADS-B system can broadcast.