MISS HAPS: Is aircraft wifi safe to use?

MISS HAPS: Is aircraft wifi safe to use?


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I get this all the time. “Is aircraft wifi safe to use? Well, my friends, in the wrong hands, anything is a hazard. Don’t believe me? Google “power tool accidents” and look at the images. Lost your lunch yet? Good. Now stay with me here.

You’re smart and computer savvy yeah? You’re momma didn’t raise no fool. You don’t download emails from former Nigerian princes, and you don’t bank online using the local Starbucks’ internet connection. After all, you don’t want prying hackers to tap into the signal and run off with the $42 in your checking account.

But alas, at crusing altitude the game changes, right? You’re safe from those ground-based commoners. Not so fast. Just because you’re in the stratosphere, doesn’t mean you’re Superman. You’re as vulnerable at 2 feet as you are at 10,000 feet.

So surf safe!

Use a VPN if you have to and use common sense. It’s as valuable on land as it is in the air