Miss Haps Weather : Discuss All The New Technology Focused Around Safety

Miss Haps Weather : Discuss All The New Technology Focused Around Safety


Level flight, Garmin Autoland, ADS-B, improved RVSM

Wowza. In an industry that’s pretty obsessed with safety, this past year has been a real kicker. Seems we’ve been talking about safety ad nauseum, and to tell the truth, that makes me a happy gal. So, I’m making a few shout outs to some of the big standouts of the past 12 months.

Hey! FAA! You did it! You stuck to your guns and committed to getting the industry up to ADS-B standards. While so many people were banking on an extension, you stood firm. That’s the kind of commitment we like to see, soldier! Good for you.

RVSM. You’re one of our new faves too. Separation minimums were cut in half from 2000 to 1000 feet. That means flying more optimum profiles, fuel savings and more airspace capacity. All good things in my books!

And hey, Garmin. I need to check the fine print, because I’m pretty sure you owned 2019. Talk about over delivering. You guys are killing it. Your Autopilot is not only delivering tons of new capabilities that we never thought possible, you’re also making it available for a lot less dough. That’s right, you’re offering more and making it affordable! That takes guts!

If you ever want to get into the Southern California real estate market, I’m sure you’d have a lineup of buyers around the block. And as if that’s not enough… your Autoland feature? Not too long ago that would have been considered science fiction. But you did it. And it rocks.

Keep crushing it, G!