Miss Haps Weather Fall 2021

Miss Haps Weather Fall 2021


Every cause needs a champion. Meet “Miss Haps” - our very own Sultana of Safety, Queen of Caution and Princess of Preparedness.

Each issue she’ll tackle a different safety issue in her own unique style.

In this issue, I’m bringing something a little more serious to light… Mishaps do happen, but RISK ASSESSMENTS can help avoid many problems or issues that can lead to an accident.

For the most part, aircraft wiring falls under the “out of sight, out of mind” category. But every now and then the invisible connective tissue of electrical and avionics systems fails. In the confines of an aircraft a few miles high, and an hour or more from the nearest emergency airfield, a bracing whiff of smoke from an electrical fire has the same shot of chilled water to the heart impact on the pilots as an engine fire warning light.

Sometimes, electrical failures occur without warning. Sadly, TWA Flight 800, an old B747-100 with more than two decades of service, blew up in July 1996 just a few minutes after takeoff from New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport. Moments before the explosion, the flight crew remarked about a strange fuel flow reading, which could have been caused by an electrical transient. In the exhaustive postmortem, National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) investigators were horrified to learn that high- and low-power wires were run in the same bundle!!!

When you’re choosing an Avionics Shop, know who you are going to. What’s their shop look like? How long have they been in business? Get to know the people and employees, are they the best you can get or the cheapest? I don’t know about you, but Miss Happs doesn’t like mishaps that are avoidable by doing your homework.

Sometimes, people don’t do a good risk assessment when they are choosing their avionics shop. You’re flying yourself, your family, friends and business associates. Take time to pick the right shop, with the right people, and you WILL increase your safety factor many times over!

Leading Edge has been around for over 40 years and our staff and company is in the top 4% of Garmin preferred dealers out of over 600. Your safety is their primary concern and their track record and staff are a testament to that.