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Stories From Socal


Jetpack Man spotted by Pilots near LAX nearly a year after first sighting

Over the summer, the infamous “Jetpack Man” was spotted yet again near LAX airport. If you follow the story at all, you might remember that the original sighting took place last year by pilots coming into the airport. Despite multiple FAA and FBI investigations, “Jetpack Man” sightings continues to be reported throughout the LA area.

From what we’ve heard, the ATC audio was quite lively following the spotting. In those exchanges he was referred to everything from a UFO to “Iron Man.” You can listen to the audio here:

In all, there have been six different reports spanning just over a year. However, despite the frequency of these sightings, investigators just can’t seem to crack the case.

That being said; given the year we’ve all had, maybe a mystery man soaring around one of the world’s busiest airports just isn’t strange enough to be seen as a priority.

All jokes aside, this is definitely something the aviation community wants to get to the bottom of before somebody gets hurt. Whether it’s a man, a drone or a balloon, something out there looks like a guy in a jetpack. And it’s flying in dangerous territory.

So, next time you’re out near LA, keep an eye out for our mystery man, and do report your sightings.