Welcome to the Edge

Welcome to the Edge


Welcome   to   the   inaugural   launch   of   our   quarterly   newsletter,  “The  Edge”.  Like  you,  Leading  Edge  shares  a passion for the world of aviation. Some might say it’s in  our  DNA.  For  over  40  years,  we’ve  been  providing  customers big and small with the best advice, equipment and safety products and services available on the market. Through it all, we’ve never stopped moving forward.

Wilbur Wright once said, “There is no sport equal to that which aviators enjoy while being carried through the air on  great  white  wings.”  When  we  started  this  business,  we began as a small operation called Western Avionics with  just  a  few  employees,  an  eagerness  to  please  and  a  leased  hangar.  Since  then  we’ve  expanded  our  footprint dramatically, servicing just about every airport in Southern California.

By focusing on providing the finest customer experience possible, we’ve earned a reputation as having one of the best,  seasoned  crews  in  the  business.  To  illustrate  all  of  the  amazing  change  happening  from  within,  we  also  changed our name to Leading Edge Avionics. We think it better reflects our passion for safety, service and being on the forefront of the latest trends and innovation.

That’s   why   I’m   happy   to   share   this   new,   quarterly   newsletter  with  you.  It’s  a  little  piece  of  us,  designed  specifically for friends like you. It’s filled with tips, info, updates and more that will help you get the most out of your flying experience while keeping you informed and entertained.  It’s  our  way  of  reaching  out  to  say,  “Hello  and  Thank  You,”  to  the  amazing  people  like  you  that  have made our last four decades a success. So thank you for being a part of our story.

We hope you enjoy reading ours.

Kathryn Brewer
CEO, Leading Edge Avionics

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