Window of Opportunity

Window of Opportunity


Honeywell Offering Unprecedented Deals on Display Upgrades until Dec. 31

If you still have an old cathode ray tube (CRT) display in your aircraft and have been considering an upgrade, now is the time. After the end of the year, Honeywell will no longer be repairing your CRT unit due to availability in the supply chain. To ease the transition for you, Honeywell is offering massively deep discounts right now on its DU-875 / 885 display upgrades until December 31.

The new displays deliver a whole new view from the flight deck. Each DU-875 / 885 high resolution display is a form/fit upgrade that provides more clarity in all cockpit lighting conditions. They’re substantially more reliable than CRT displays, and they’re about seven pounds lighter. And since they run cooler, they create less heat in the cockpit.

If all this sounds good, but you’re concerned about the install time, we’ve got even better news for you. The new displays are built around a “plug and play” framework, which means installs can be done in less than a day, leaving you with pretty much zero downtime!



But the displays are only the beginning. Honeywell’s Primus Elite flight deck upgrade expands the DU-875 / 885 display capabilities to give you a suite of functions like the ones you’ll find in the latest jets rolling off the assembly line. With the Primus Elite upgrade, you’ll see valuable flight information in your primary field of view. Everything from geo-referenced (own ship position) electronic charts and approach plates, to moving maps, video display capability for on-board cameras (including display of optional Enhanced Vision system), and XM® Weather.

One of the things we love the most about Primus Elite Advanced Features is the Synthetic Vision System (SVS) display. This system delivers enhanced overlays of 3D color images of runways, terrain, and obstacles, giving you a clear view of the virtual flight path. The existing flight information and symbology you’re used to all remains intact, keeping the learning curve at nearly zero.

It’s essentially an easy-to-understand overlay on the primary flight display, just as it would appear out the cockpit windscreen. And did we mention it’s in full color? So, no more blue over brown! This is great tech to have any time, but you’ll appreciate it even more so when you’re flying to unfamiliar locations, in bad weather, or at night. The enhanced situational awareness you’ll experience can go a long way in helping you reduce errors and pilot workload. Pound for pound, SVS is one of the best safety features a business jet can have.

Increased safety, reduced weight, better clarity, and an updated cockpit all while enhancing your flying experience, increasing the value of your aircraft, and saving you thousands of dollars in the process. All in less than a day. Call us today to get your upgrade scheduled before December 31 to take advantage of this limited time promotion from Honeywell.

If you’d like to learn more about how Honeywell solutions can save you money while enhancing your flying experience, reach out to us for a free consult. We’re happy to help.