AOPA Camarillo Fly-In

In April 2017, Leading Edge Avionics participated in AOPA’s Camarillo Fly-In Trade Show/Exhibition Hall for the entire weekend. The event drew over 5,000 pilots and visitors, along with 390 airplanes, who converged on Camarillo Airport for a weekend of activities and camaraderie.

New for this year’s fly-in was a two-day schedule that included a series of workshops that took place starting on April 28. These popular educational initiatives featured interactive, hands-on sessions with discussions and demonstrations dealing with owner-guided maintenance, mountain flying, ocean flying and ditching, an IFR refresher course, and a “Pilot Plus One” program aimed at activities designed to appeal to non-flying spouses and partners. AOPA’s popular Rusty Pilots seminar was also held on April 28, and again on April 29. Due to the success of the Rusty Pilots seminar at Camarillo, Leading Edge will be hosting one of these seminars November 7, 2017.

This regional fly-in allowed our team to meet our clients and potential clients where they fly and offer a fun weekend for them and their families. The Exhibit Hall provides a unique chance to really spend time with our friends in an informal and fun environment.

We were fortunate to have our entire front office participate in this event. The personal interaction with the guests enabled us to highlight our expertise which helped define why we are the go-to avionics installation and repair facility in Southern California. These events also provide opportunities for us to not only meet with our clients in person, but to also connect with other pilots and enthusiasts, make new friends, and create lasting memories.