Leading Edge Avionics Catalina Fly In and Campout 2018

The first ever Leading Edge Avionics Catalina Fly-In event this last Saturday and Sunday, July 14th - 15th was a huge success.  Nearly 40 campers and guests flew in on aircraft from a gyrocopter to Cessnas to TBM700 and an EC135 Eurocopter.  All planes gathered on the west end of the airport with delicious food, lively conversations, games, and movies on a huge movie screen.

This was a great opportunity for us to get to know our customers, for several to show off their new Garmin installs, for us to meet family and celebrate our shared love of aviation.

Big shout outs to the Catalina airport manager Justin Bollum who went out of his way to make this event successful, Dave Klasing who jumped in and grilled all the delicious burgers, hot dogs and breakfast; Tamerra Jarvis who provided nursing services to the few minor hurt fingers, to Jeff Harold and his wife Vivienne for showing off some cool aviation sunglasses and last but not least, our new company mascot Wally, the Boston terrier. 

Several guests rode bikes into town, hiked some amazing trails and saw incredible buffalo on their journeys.   Truly a weekend to remember..we can't wait for next year!