Avidyne Vantage

Leading Edge Avionics is at the forefront of advanced technology for your Cirrus aircraft. Avidyne has launched the all-new Vantage ™ Flight Display Systems, a dual 12-in diagonal PFD/MFD upgrade that will replace your Entegra equipped aircraft.

Revolutionize your flight experience and upgrade to the latest advancements with Vantage ™ Larger high resolution 12in diagonal XGA displays

  • 3D synthetic vision
  • Dual AHARS with reversionary mode of MFD and DFC90
  • Compatible with all configurations of Cirrus engine instruments
  • Tightly integrated with DFC90 digital autopilot and IFD-series FMS/GPS/NAV/COMs
  • No costly "enablements" or feature "unlocks"

Seamless integration that interfaces with existing engine instruments and SIU for engine instruments displayed on the Vantage ™ MFD or with newer DAU that add primary engine instruments. Avidyne continues its tradition of delivering intuitive products that make flying simple and safer.

Attitude-Based Digital Autopilot

The DFC90 adds the precision of an attitude-based flight control system and Avidyne's innovative, safety-enhancing EP® capability.

The DFC90 digital autopilot includes several advanced technology performance features:

  • ATTITUDE-BASED – Greatly improved stability due to using attitude data to control the autopilot inner control loops.
  • EP® – Avidyne's Envelope Protection. Prevents autopilot-induced stalls and overspeeds—which have previously been a major contributing factor in GA accidents—when the autopilot is engaged. EP also provides visual and aural warnings to the pilot.
  • EA® – Avidyne's Envelope Alerting. Available lift and speed margins are calculated constantly in the background, providing visual and aural warnings to the pilot when the aircraft is nearing its normal flight parameters, even when the autopilot is off.
  • "STRAIGHT & LEVEL" BUTTON – Recovers the aircraft from unusual attitudes. Overrides all autopilot modes and levels the aircraft in both pitch and roll from a wide range of capture attitudes for an added measure of safety. S&L button provides added peace of mind—especially for a non-pilot in the right seat (i.e. Cirrus Parachute).

Intuitive Navigation

Avidyne's IFD series of touch screen navigators are the next generation in Flight Management Systems. Each provides SBAS/LPV precision navigation and are designed to meet the accuracy and integrity required for ADS-B. The IFD series are a direct replacement for legacy GNS navigators utilizing existing tray and connectors-Avidyne makes it simple to upgrade.

The key features of the Avidyne IFD series are

  • Geofill™ intelligently predicts the next waypoint
  • 3D synthetic vision
  • Low fuel alerting
  • Electronic charts
  • WiFi/Bluetooth connectivity and more!

Save Now and Reserve Your Slot

Take adVANTAGE of the Avidyne IFD 5X0/440 and DFC90 autopilot now while reserving your slot for the Avidyne Vantage™ system. Leading Edge Avionics will work with you to upgrade your autopilot and FMS/GPS/NAV/COMs to experience the benefits of an updated navigation system and an all-digital autopilot today. Contact our team ....


"I have been doing business with Leading Edge Avionics for over 20 years with many upgrades and repairs to several aircraft I have owned. They are by far the best for avionics installs, troubleshooting, and service."

David Schlosser
Aircraft Owner/Pilot