Garmin GNS™ Upgrade Program
Trade in Credit

The Garmin GNS 430/530 has been a long-trusted GPS/COMM since 1998. For 25 years, the company has provided upgrades such as WAAS, ADS-B, and enhancements to keep pace with NexGen technology. With time, advancements bring new hardware and software requirements, and Garmin has announced starting in 2024, there will be component availability limitations for the 430/530 series and Garmin will no longer be able to fix some issues with the early devices.

What does that mean for you? These changes to GNS repair services will not impact database updates and technical support. Garmin does plan to continue offering repair service when the components necessary for those repairs remain available. Given these uncertainties on repair possibility, now is the time to begin considering the transition to new generation products and upgrading. To support that move, through June 30, 2023 Garmin is offering a credit towards the purchase of a GTN Xi series navigator, GNC 355 or GNX 375 unit with a qualifying trade-in of a GNS series navigator.

Contact our team today to discuss the best path for your avionics upgrade to avoid downtime. We'll work with you to provide a seamless transition and transform your panel to the latest Garmin avionics.


Intuitive touchscreen interface provides quick access to navigation, radio tuning, multifunction display features and more.


Powerful dual-core processors boost the GTN Xi series graphical display capabilities — with faster zooming, panning and map rendering on the display.


With almost double the pixel count of its predecessor, the GTN Xi series features wider viewing angles and one of the highest-resolution displays ever offered in this class of avionics.


Supporting multiple inputs, the 6.9" display can put moving maps, terrain, traffic2, weather2, airport diagrams and more at your fingertips.


Use the on-screen QWERTY keyboard or traditional concentric knobs to enter frequencies, waypoint identifiers, routings, and more.


In dual GTN Xi installations, remote tuning capability lets you tune frequencies on both units from either navigator. A Radios page displays all selectable Comm and Nav frequencies (active and standby) plus their volume levels.

GFC 600 Autopilot-Precise Response & Performance

  • Slim, all-in-one touchscreen GPS navigator and Comm radio for Part 23 Class I/II aircraft (weighing less than 6,000 lbs) and experimental/amateur-built aircraft
  • Take advantage of WAAS GPS navigation with LPV approaches, which offer minimums as low as 200’ to greatly expand your operational capability
  • Built-in 10-watt Comm radio with 25 kHz or optional 8.33 kHz channel spacing (with GNC 355A) plus standby frequency monitoring and automatic frequency identification
  • Pairs with select Garmin flight displays, or integrates directly with your existing course deviation indicator (CDI) for cost-effective installation¹
  • Visualize your entire flight plan — including departures, arrivals, instrument approaches, holding patterns and more — on a rich, dynamic global moving map
  • • Wirelessly transfer flight plans and stream weather, traffic, GPS position and backup attitude via built-in Connext® wireless technology to the Garmin Pilot™ app and more²

"I have been doing business with Leading Edge Avionics for over 20 years with many upgrades and repairs to several aircraft I have owned. They are by far the best for avionics installs, troubleshooting, and service."

David Schlosser
Aircraft Owner/Pilot