Pilatus PC-12
Garmin Upgrade

Get More From Your PC-12 & Revolutionize The Way You Fly

The PC-12 was designed as a workhorse and exceeded your expectations during every flight. Over the years, technology has evolved, and now is the perfect time to transform your cockpit. The team at Leading Edge Avionics will focus on your mission requirements to design and install the most sophisticated avionics package that will increase safety and capability.

Big Glass Never Looked So Good

For select PC-12 aircraft, redesign your cockpit with dual 10.6" G600 TXi PFDs. The touchscreen system is easy to use, adding traffic, terrain, and more to the PFDs. Like the feel of dual-concentric knobs? Garmin provides an excellent experience for all flight conditions if you prefer to push and turn. The G600 offers a wide horizon increasing awareness and safety.

More Than An MFD

The G600 TXi offers pilot-configurable split-screen options that divides each system into 60/40 PFD/MFD while viewing

  • Weather
  • Traffic
  • Terrain & Obstacles
  • ADS-B with target trend
  • FliteCharts and more!

Integrating these features provides the pilot with a wide range of information to help make critical flight decisions. The TerminalTraffic airport surface monitoring helps avoid traffic conflicts and even active traffic surveillance systems.

Dynamic Engine Indication System

The impressive 7" portrait TXi EIS display delivers clarity with easy-to-read indications. The color-coded pointers and data bands offer clear visual cues to indicate normal operating ranges, caution, and exceedances. Customized to your PC-12 — including torque, prop RPM, Ng percent, and interstage turbine temperature based on the aircraft's current condition. TXi EIS even replicates the PC-12's auto-start interface and functionality to enable a single-button start sequence. Protect your investment with configurable exceedance alerts and advisories — while automatically logging engine data wirelessly2 with the Garmin Pilot™ app so you can track performance, trends, and exceedances on the flyGarmin.com® website for analysis.

GFC 600 Autopilot-Precise Response & Performance

GFC 600 can fly a wide range of precision, nonprecision, and GPS-guided approaches as well as holds, procedure turns, coupled missed approaches, and more — and it includes built-in GPS roll steering capability, which allows smoother navigation tracking. Advanced capabilities include altitude preselect and indicated airspeed holds. Flight director cues are displayed as command bars on the PFD.

With support for a remotely installed takeoff/go-around button, the flight director can be cued at the touch of a button to automatically indicate and capture the correct pitch attitude required to fly a missed approach — then follow the missed approach procedure loaded in your GTN™ Xi system. It also delivers additional safety features, including overspeed protection, a dedicated return-to-level mode button, and Garmin ESP™ (Electronic Stability and Protection corrective technology).

Revolutionize the way you fly your PC-12, contact our team to discover how we can transform your cockpit efficiently and get you back in the air-safely!

Uncompromised Commitment to Quality

The technological advancements of the Garmin G600 avionics suite make it the safest and most reliable upgrade on the market for PC-12 owners. Reducing pilot workload and increasing situational awareness enhances the safety of flight. The team at Leading Edge Avionics will provide an uncompromised commitment to quality to ensure you get back in the air safely.

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"I have been doing business with Leading Edge Avionics for over 20 years with many upgrades and repairs to several aircraft I have owned. They are by far the best for avionics installs, troubleshooting, and service."

David Schlosser
Aircraft Owner/Pilot